Urban Shower Enclosures

Urban Shower Enclosures are frameless, functional and stylish, well engineered with simple clean lines. The doors have a solid wheel mechanism providing a smooth gliding motion and the rollers and rail are made from Stainless Steel.

Urban showers are a practical solution for when space is limited and you want the biggest shower you can get, are suitable for alcove (3 sided) or Corner (2 sided showers). You can have either tiled walls or an acrylic liner. These enclosures feature sliding frameless glass and stainless steel door rollers to suit openings from 1200mm to 1800mm long with a width of 900mm and a door height of 2000mm.
Furthermore these showers can be installed with either an acrylic wall liner or tiled walls to suit your design, style and colours. Using an acrylic shower tray does reduce the likelihood of any water leaks as these trays have a 40mm tray up-stand. Therefore this up-stand will stop water egress into your walls and floor when installed correctly.
Above all these Urban shower enclosures are combinations of standard sized glass panels which makes them extremely affordable and are available ex stock.
Pick the size that suits you best from the range below to build your Urban Shower.

A guide to the process of Building your Shower Enclosures

Start to build your Shower Enclosures and Shower Cubicles by selecting the shower size you require from those below. On the new page choose the tray size you require. Shower liners and doors are then offered according to your tray selection. Choose Flat or Moulded liner that suits the tray, or none at all, then choose the door or no door that suits your installation. Then choose your glues and waste for that shower. When all is done click add to cart to Complete the build process. There are a minimum of 4 different layouts for each of these sizes of Enclosures.